Nomadic poetry day by day
lives but in transit places
and is tied to the centre of his environment
in the middle
this stop will also mean a nocturnal thriller
a phenomenal idea
intuitive, material progress
making goals feasible and directing interests
with genuine correspondence
this is a nocturnal thriller
your night - a stop after dinner
through the daily nature
the formation of a category of acts
potential, sensorial experience
and material, intuitive progress
a variable quantity called
quality of the present
a relation between the past and the future
a formal idea is the ideal format
and poetics assimilates and transmits
your evolution
your unconscious poetry
of geographic movement
the ideal format of communications
will be the poetics of action
genuiness made work for overall poetry
and the imaginative, bodily poetry of travellers
performing during their stops
intelligible form
potential, sensorial experience
like a stop the contents of poetics
like a utopian citizen the poet